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🔥🔥 Happy Ending For Mallacoota Fire Victims 🔥🔥

Brownwigg were very grateful to recently help a young family who’s forever home and worldly possessions were lost in the Mallacoota fires at the start of the year.

We received a lovely email from a young lady who just wanted to bring a smile back to her fathers face after everything he had tried to do for his family.

“My Dad not long ago purchased a RedGum wood splitter from the ‘BrownWigg’ store in Bairnsdale. This wood splitter became his pride and joy, as it was something he had wanted to get for many many years”

Between RedGum, Honda and Brownwigg, we were able to come together and organise a brand new Deluxe Log splitter to help replace the one they lost in the fires.

Although this doesn’t bring back a house we were all so excited to be able to come together to make this happen for this lovely family.